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About Quadron

Quadron Cannatech provides turn-key extraction and processing solutions to authorized cannabis growers. The company offers tailored extraction labs, proprietary industrial grade equipment and ancillary products (i.e vape pen). Quadron combines its extensive industry expertise and leading technology to expand distribution of its products.

Investor Presentation

Quadron Cannatech Investor Presentation.

Sept 2018

Caleb Jeffries

Investor Presentation

Diversify your stock portfolio into the Cannabis Industry

We Provide Investors Unique Access to Diverse, High Potential, Growth-Ready Assets In North America’s Emerging Cannabis Market.

CSE Stock Quote

Dec 28th 2017 – Quadron Cannatech Announces First Sale of The “BOSS” CO2 Extraction System into the US

Dec 21st 2017 – Quadron Cannatech Secures Additional Sales of The “BOSS” CO2 Extraction System

Dec 20th 2017 – Quadron Cannatech Completes Its First Sales of the “BOSS” CO2 Extraction System

Oct 26th 2017 – Quadron Cannatech CEO Rosy Mondin to Speak at Atlantic Canada’s first Cannabis Forum in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Oct 13th 2017 – Quadron Enters U.S Market, Signs Definitive Development and Distribution Agreement with Washington Based, Lucid Labs.

Oct 13th 2017 – Quadron Cannatech to Exhibit and Present at the MJBIZ Conference in Las Vegas Nov 15th – 17th

Oct 13th 2017 – Quadron Cannatech Announces 1 Million Dollar Private Placement

Oct 2nd 2017 – Quadron Reports 2017 Q1 Revenue of 516,211, a 131% Increase Over 2016 Q1

Sept 27th 2017 – Quadron Introduces the Next Generation Co2 Cannabis Extraction System: The “BOSS”

Sept 5th 2017 – Quadron Awarded Licence to be Technical Distributor and Integrator for Schneider Electric, a Global Specialist in Energy Management and Automation

Aug 30th 2017 – Quadron Cannatech Annual Financial Results for Year ended April 30th 2017

Aug 22nd 2017 – Quadron Cannatech Receives Two Software and Automation Control Panel Contracts from Major US Entertainment Theme Park

Aug 1st 2017 – Quadron Enters U.S. Market, Signs Development and Distribution Agreement with Washington Based Lucid Labs

Jun 13th 2017 – Quadron Deploys Extraction Research Processing Facility

Jun 1st 2017 – Quadron Receives $200,000 Order for its Cannabis Oil Vape Pen Units and Cartridges

May 8nd 2017 – Quadron Capital to Change Name to Quadron Cannatech

May 2nd 2017 – Quadron Shares New United States Market Data on Cannabis Oils, Consumption and Trends

Apr 20th 2017 – Quadron Receives $305,000 Order for its Cannabis Oil Vape Pen Units and Cartridges

Apr 18th 2017 – Quadron Welcomes Canada’s New Legislation Framework on Legalization of Cannabis

Apr 13th 2017 – Quadron Capital to Deploy Mobile Extraction Units

Mar 25th 2017 – Quadron Completes R&D for its Automated Odor Elimination System to Eradicate Cannabis Odor

Mar 20th 2017 – Quadron Capital Closes Cybernetics Control Systems Acquisition

Feb 24th 2017 –  Quadron Signs LOI To Acquire Automation Design Firm With Expertise In The Cannabis Sector, Cybernetics

Feb 23rd 2017 – Quadron Announces Listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange

Feb 21st 2017 – Quadron Completes Private Placement for Gross Proceeds of $1,712,100

Feb 7th 2017 – Quadron Engages Investor Relations Firm Kin Communications

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