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Greenmantle’s business involves the sale of ancillary cannabis products, such as customized dispensing devices (i.e. vaporizer pens) and consumption type products (i.e. branded encapsulation products) to authorized cannabis industry participants.

Greenmantle – Product Development 

  • Greenmantle works with manufacturers and invests in the research and development of innovative and reliable vaporization devices that are tailored in their design and operational specifications for cannabis extracts.

    Greenmantle has skilled personnel with established contacts internationally to source, prototype and build hardware devices utilizing the latest technologies Greenmantle provides these devices to licensed medical cultivators and patients in Canada and US.

    As the cannabis industry moves toward legalization for recreational use, Quadron expects to generate significant revenues from these initiatives.

    Ancillary products, supplies and hardware sourced by Greenmantle are used throughout Quadron’s operations.

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