Quadron Cannatech Secures Sale of Two “BOSS” CO2 Extraction Systems

//Quadron Cannatech Secures Sale of Two “BOSS” CO2 Extraction Systems

Quadron Cannatech Secures Sale of Two “BOSS” CO2 Extraction Systems

Vancouver, British Columbia, March 22nd, 2018 Quadron Cannatech Corporation (CSE:QCC) (the “Company” or “Quadron”) – (CSE: QCC), is pleased to announce that is has completed the sale of two BOSS CO2 Extraction System (“BOSS”) to an authorized grower located in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia.

With the overwhelming interest in the BOSS from the recent MJBiz Conference in Vegas and the Lift Expo in Vancouver, interested buyers have been investigating and analyzing the BOSS compared to other available CO2 extraction systems on the market.

“Quadron is well capitalized following the recent equity raises, along with the exercise of warrants” stated Rosy Mondin, CEO of Quadron. “We have enough capital to not only service the existing demand for the BOSS from interested parties, but also the capital to proceed with the development of new equipment. 2018 will be a milestone year for Quadron.”

The BOSS CO2 Extraction System combines proprietary max flow technology with advanced thermodynamics, automated features and an exclusive plug and play design. The BOSS has a very small footprint, requiring only a fraction of the space and energy requirements compared to other systems on the market. Installation is simple – no external hardware of facility renovations required. All that is needed are two electrical outlets and an hour to set-up.


➢ Automated system with remote monitoring and control features

➢ Software collects, stores, and analyzes data for Research & Development

➢ Programmable cycles – maximizing extraction and separation efficiency

➢ Plug and Play self-contained system with no external setup required

➢ Simplified assembly with only two pieces of equipment to set-up, two plugs and four hoses to connect

➢ Integrated heat exchanger with proprietary advanced thermodynamics

➢ High precision operating parameters for accurate performance

➢ Ability to collect extract during runtime

Click here to view more information on the BOSS CO2 Extraction System.

According to a Mackie Research Capital Corp. report, which assumes full legalization (medical and recreational) in 2018, the growth of cannabis oil consumption in Canada is expected to grow from 284 litres in 2015 to 562,613 litres by 2020 (198,000-per-cent growth) versus dried marijuana consumption of 6,388 kilograms in 2015 to 110,034 kilograms in 2020 (1,600-per-cent growth).

About Quadron Cannatech 

Quadron focuses on ancillary equipment, products and services for the authorized cannabis industry by providing a full array of end to end extraction and processing solutions including sales of alternative end user delivery options for recreational and medical consumers.

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