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Quadron is a Vancouver based publicly-traded company operating through three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Soma Labs Scientific, Greenmantle Products and Cybernetic Control Systems.

Quadron provides turn-key extraction and processing solutions for the cannabis industry through vertically integrated offerings including; proprietary industrial grade equipment, custom build processing facilities, ancillary products and packaging (i.e. vape pens) and scientific services.


Extraction, processing and refinement
Design and manufacturing extraction, processing and production equipment for lease/sale.

Ancillary Products

Hardware, supplies and packaging
Consumption and dispensing hardware, supplies, packaging and sales.

Research & Development

Advanced scientific methodologies for an advancing marketplace

Creating new and improved bio-refining methodologies/ processes, product development & packaging.

Scientific Services

Advancing the science of cannabis
Laboratory analytics, organic compound extractions, distillation, purification and formulation development.

Upcoming Events 2018

Quadron Cannatech at MJ Biz Las Vegas

November 14 @ 8:00 am - November 16 @ 5:00 pm

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